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Care guide

SiKey LLC garments have been crafted with longevity in mind. See our helpful guides on specific fabric care, to ensure your pieces remain at their finest.



Silk is much loved for its lustrous shine and ability to regulate temperatures, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. To keep it at its best, it should be dry cleaned or washed by hand, using natural detergents and at a low temperature; we suggest no higher than 30°. Leaving silk in water can result in a loss of shine. Avoid rubbing and immerse in water for a short time only. When drying, do not wring or use a tumble dryer. Instead, lay it flat and allow to dry naturally. If ironing this delicate fabric, iron on the reverse, keeping the temperature no higher than 110° and avoid steam.



Ornate and precious, lace is a defining feature of our collections. In our lingerie and nightwear, we use both machine-made lace and hand-crafted techniques.

Due to the impossibly fine nature of lace, it must be treated with great care and attention to avoid damage when washing. Ideally, it should be washed by hand. If using a washing machine, be sure to use a delicate cycle at a low temperature. If ironing is necessary, use the lowest temperature possible to avoid burning or breakage.



Modal is a biodegradable fabric characterised by its velvety texture, similar to silk. Highly comfortable and resistant to shrinkage, it is smoother and softer than cotton. In order to keep modal at its best, machine wash at 30° and do not tumble dry. If ironing, use a temperature no higher than 110° and without steam.



Silk georgette is a fine, light fabric woven with intertwined threads, meaning it has good breathability and elasticity. To maintain this fabric over time, we recommend gentle machine washing at 30° and do not tumble dry. Do not bleach and if ironing, use a low temperature to avoid damage.



Lycra is used primarily in our swimwear collections, but also lingerie and shapewear. Famed for its unrivalled elasticity and flexibility, it will hold its original shape with ease. We recommend washing your Lycra garments in the machine at 40° with a mild detergent. Do not tumble dry, rub or wring out the garment after washing, as it can cause the fibres to deteriorate. Gentle ironing is possible at a low temperature but not recommended.



For best results, machine wash cotton items in cold or warm water. Do not use hot water as it may shrink the cotton. Use a normal wash cycle and regular detergent (with color safe bleach if desired). Tumble dry on a low setting, then promptly remove the item from the dryer to avoid wrinkles.