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About us

The Mediterranean Sea, which envelops the island of Cyprus with its amazing sunsets, emerald water, warm whispers of the waves and mild climate, creates an unforgettable atmosphere of comfort, warmth, and inner peace. All of this is nourishment for fantasies and dreams.

There is a reason that Cyprus is considered the place where the goddess of love and beauty – Aphrodite – came down to earth. According to Greek legend, it was here that the goddess of unearthly beauty, Aphrodite, was born from the foam of the stormy sea. She was enchanted with this blossoming paradise island, where she found the love of her life – the beautiful Adonis. 

Often a dream is born suddenly, like a fluffy cloud or delicate sea foam. It can dissolve without leaving the slightest trace, or it can materialise into reality, into beauty, which you can plunge into, and which you can share and delight others with.

We, two young married women, were inspired by this image of Aphrodite and the amazing beauty of the Cypriot Mediterranean to create the unique premium brand “Saint Key”, which includes all the best from the modern world of fashion and technology, allowing every woman, regardless of age, to feel like a true goddess. 

Inspired by an idea, plunging into the warm rays of the sunny Mediterranean, we spent weeks sketching our model designs, looking for the best fabrics and accessories from the world's leading manufacturers. Thanks to the work of professional fashion designers and technologists, we managed to materialise these sketches in a fully-fledged swimwear, underwear, and peignoir collection. We are proud of the work done and are confident that every one of these exclusive models will charm any woman. And we know for sure that when love and inspiration become a part of any business, beauty is born as a result.


With love, Svetlana and Karina – creators of the “Saint Key” brand.